About The Inayan Training Organization (ITO)

The Inayan Training Organization (ITO) is an association of individuals and schools interested in broadening their martial arts and self-defense knowledge without infringing upon their chosen style of training.

The ITO grew out of a perception, by Suro Mike Inay's travels throughout the United States and abroad, that there are many individuals and schools across this country who are genuinely interested in different aspects of martial arts and self-defense training that can blend with their basic style of training, but do not know how or where to get it.

Mr. (Mike) Inay has traveled throughout the US giving seminars on edged weapon defense, pressure sensitive nerve areas, Defensive Tactics (as used by law enforcement), and Eskrima (Eskrima is a martial art from the Philippines). In his travels, Suro M. Inay has met hundreds of individuals dedicated to the furtherance of excellence in martial arts training, self-defense, and physical subject control. Many of these individuals are masters or experts in there own chosen field (or style of martial arts). They have all expressed an interest in learning and acquiring more martial arts knowledge from Suro Inay. They have also expressed a willingness to share their knowledge with others.

The ITO Staff and Associate Instructors are versed in many different aspects of martial arts and self-defense training. If your school is interested in practical edged weapon defense, there is an ITO seminar designed just for you. Or, if you would like to have some hands on instruction in grappling techniques, there are several other seminars available as well. For instance, our Pressure Sensitive Nerve Areas is another popular seminar that students and instructors are interested in.

If your goal is to add an ongoing program for weapons training there is curriculum available for that also. The Inayan Training Organization not only brings to your school new and exciting martial arts and self-defense knowledge, but it can also show you how to increase your revenue and improve student retention just by adding the new and exciting ITO curriculum to your existing program.

For further information, on how you can take advantage of the available seminars and programs offered through the Inayan Training Organization, please contact us at 408-455-7876 or email us at: suro@inayan-eskrima.biz.

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